We did it!!! We shower!!!

After over two months without a functioning shower, I am happy (no, ecstatic!) to report that yesterday we had the glorious experience of showering in our very own bathroom!!! We learned a lot in the process, the finer points of leveling walls, shim-ing like crazy, insulating, cutting and hanging backer board, green board, a bit of sautering work, and of course cutting, mastic-ing, grouting, and caulking tile. It blows my mind that all of what we did can be summed up in one sentence, because it was a whole lot more than one sentence of frustration, re-do's, and trips to home depot. Perhaps at some point Ruben will write about everything he learned about how to successfully put walls up. Put walls up. Wow. Who would have thought that we would be doing things like that? Finally finishing this project has really grown our diy abilities and our confidence in our capability to get something this big done. So what that it took us two months? We'll for sure get faster on our next project! :)
A pic of the finished product and what we started with, just for fun: 


  1. Great job guys!!! I'm so proud of you! All that tiling looks like hard work, but it looks great. You guys are brave for taking on this kind of project so early in your marriage, but you will soon find out that remodeling is the real marriage test if you haven't realized that yet your real personalities will come out...experience speaks.

    It can be very challenging, frustrating but very rewarding in the end. Don't forget to remind each other that this too shall pass and is just a house! Love you guys and let us know if we can give you any tips.

  2. Nice job on the tiling, you two! You make an AMAZING TEAM, and this is only the beginning of the incredible projects you will tackle and COMPLETE in your marriage! "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you." Remember, that which does not kill us makes us STRONGER! Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. thanks for the encouragement!! we're definitely getting a little taste of the joys and frustration of taking on projects together!

  4. Holy moly, that looks fantastic! You guys worked so hard and MASTERED the whole bathroom wall tile thing. Can't wait to have you come back to P Hill and help with the one mom wants done...just kidding. Congratulations on now having a functioning tub/shower.


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