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One Room Challenge Refocus...

Apparently the One Room Challenge has come to a close. And, did I achieve the satisfaction of completing said challenge? Not quite... 

But something even better happened! The sun came out in Portland, plants started reawakening, and I started getting super motivated to make some serious backyard progress! First on the list was a sweet backyard "room" for my little boo. Here was my inspiration (yes, basically restarting at ORC week one...)

from the artful parent
I was able to use one fantastically long nap to nail together some planter boxes from unused fence boards, set up my bamboo frame, and plant my little babies! Cross your fingers that they fill in and end up looking beautiful!

Next on the list is building a floating deck under the lovely cafe lights, and semi built around our big pine (?) tree. A la this, but bigger to allow space for a dining table, which I plan to build!

Meanwhile in our treehouse master bedroom... we crossed basically one thing off our list: finally…

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