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Look at this stuff, isn't it neat

I guess I missed week 2, so here we are for what I will call week 2.5! I am still putting off the more involved parts of the plan, in favor of collecting fun things and trying to feel those inspiration vibes. But look what I acquired this week! 
I got this chair from a neighbor, for free, because I am nothing if not a free-stuff maniac. Seriously, if being into free stuff were an Olympic event, I would have gold, silver, AND bronze. If being into free stuff were a crime, I'd be locked up for life. If... you understand. I'm into it. And let me tell you, this chair is wonderful! It's soft as soft can be, and a fun and funky golden green, perfect to add some color to this treehouse retreat. I just want to curl up in it with a book right this minute!

Once we got that beautiful chair up the stairs, I wanted to survey the scene from our bed (which is a mess!) Treehouse view from week 2.5 is a little bit scandi, a little bit granny, and little something else. Maybe that's the l…

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