What the what?!

An amazing thing happened this evening. Something that has never happened to us in all our house DIYing lives (all one year of them). A project took LESS time and effort than we expected!!! 
We decided to put a little backsplash over the vanity, but I did not want to figure out how to lay tile the conventional way over a painted wall (do I have to use backer board? will I end up cutting apart the drywall? possible disasters were on the horizon). So, we went the route of the Simple Mat tile setting mat. It is just an adhesive mat that you stick on the wall and then stick your tiles to. Blew my mind.
It literally took us 12 minutes to cut it to size, cut 4 tiles, stick the tiles on, grout, and clean up. How is that even possible?!
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it really could be that easy. The tile mat is more expensive than you would pay for mastic, but for a smallish area, it is so worth it. And now, the easiest backsplash in the history of ever is ready for its close up!


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