Diy fatigue

It's real. It makes projects last a million times longer than they need to, because you just don't want to caulk anything ever again. And everything has gaps and cracks that need caulking before you paint. So you just never paint. Or finish anything ever. It's no good. 
We have been in extreme diy fatigue mode for months. The bathroom has been "almost done" for months. The front door and porch have been "almost ready to paint" for EVER. Our bedroom ceiling has been staring at us with its ugly poop holes since like March. (Yeah, poop holes. Approximately every 18 inches, as a result of new insulation. I've had a lot of time staring up at them at night to find the best word picture that not only describes them physically but sums up my feelings towards them. Poop holes.) 
So, in that season, we just let things sit and were okay with it. We watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother and were okay with it. I did a lot of school work. I gardened, and it was fun. We just willed ourselves to be blind for awhile. 
Now, weeks away from being done with grad school, I feel the stirrings of something in my heart. A little voice is back, and it says "BRING ON THE PROJECTS!" So things are happening! Bathroom, really really almost complete. Front door, totally ready for paint (but need to pick a color). Poop holes, no progress, but it's cool. I'm excited about caulking, and painting, and hammering, and upholstering, and curtains! Cheers to taking a break and coming back with renewed strength and desire! 


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