Kitchen Destruction and Desolation!

Here we are, about 3 weeks after the kitchen demo began. Things are marching along, slowly but surely. Ruben is a rockstar at figuring out all the behind the scenes details that he will never again get recognition for once the kitchen is all beautified. I think we forgot about the bathroom experience and all that goes into those behind-the-scenes. It's a LOT. And Ruben is stellar at figuring it all out. I feel mostly unhelpful in this stage and don't really know how to contribute, so I just order things online from home depot. Somebody's gotta be in charge of the shopping!

 Some demo moments. This part was SO FUN! And we had lots of help (thanks!) so it went really fast!
Sometimes, it feels like it has been so much longer than 3 weeks since we've had an intact kitchen. Here it was, looking almost exactly the same as it did the day we moved in.
Ah those cavernous cabinets that would fill with a dusting of sawdust from the wood scraping in the drawers above.
The sad stove island. And that monster of an upper cabinet that we discovered was clinging to the ceiling by 5 nails. 5 nails! Not even screws!
And the fridge just hanging out, trying to distract from the old doorway that never got fully closed up. Hey plastic-covered doorway, we still see you!
How I will miss those stenciled vines! Nope, not even for a minute. However, we did save a remnant, and I kindof want to find a way to preserve the memory forever. :)


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