New year, new thang

New year goals are funny things. Sometimes they are absolutely motivating and empowering, and sometimes they are paralyzing. 2015 was a mix, so let us see the progress. For the mems and satisfaction. And so we can get crackin on 2016, for this little one!

Kat's house hopes for 2015:
  • Do a quick-ish update on the ugly hallway/stairs between the kitchen and the garage--paint, add some storage. Verdict: 90% done and so much better!

  • Completely finish our attic room-- get the last few planks up, hang some pictures, build a closet system, find a couple nightstands. Verdict: 10% more done that it was at the beginning of 2015...and staying on the goal list for 2016
  • Reupholster the chairs that have been sitting in the basement and make the living room work better for us. Verdict: Chairs are 100% done! Success! 

  • Fix up the office--paint, build a better desk setup, curtains, shelves for books. Verdict: Huge success! We had such a great workspace groove going on, and finished putting shelves up right before we got pregnant and decided this would be the best room for the nursery! Womp womp! And yay! 
  • Finish the front porch area--paint the stoop and door, add some plants to the newly stump-ground planting beds. Verdict: I painted the porch. That is all. But 2016 is the year!
  • Move the shed in the backyard and make a plan for the space. Plant somethin. Verdict: didn't happen, for the 3rd summer. :( 

Ruben's house hopes for 2015:

  • Make the garage awesome--warmer, better storage and organization, more electrical outlets. Verdict: This happened and it is so great to not have to plug things into the lone outlet in the ceiling! And it was good practice for Ruben before he undertook the crazy mess of electrical madness in the kitchen project. 
  • Install a new garage door. Verdict: Well, we didn't do this, but it got done! And it opens with the push of a button and is so much better looking!
  • Make the office work better for us (we have a goal in common!!!) Verdict: Done! And we enjoyed it while it lasted! 
  • Build a closet upstairs. Verdict: nope. But we have a plan!
  • Replace back fence. Verdict: nope. Maybe this year?
  • KITCHEN REDO!!!!!! maybe. Verdict: What an undertaking! But now it is fully functional and awesome, I just need to get around to the last 10% of the things that would make it feel like it's actually done!

Goals for 2016....
  • Do some gender-neutral cute-ifying of the former office/future nursery! 
  • Make the yard a great place to hangout when a baby is napping and stuff. And a great place to play when a baby starts running around! Brainstorming is in motion!
  • Build that closet upstairs, because I'm about to get kicked out of mine!
  • Finish the detaily kitchen things- backsplash, baseboards, back wall, trim etc etc etc
  • Keep incubating this sweet little human until August! 


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