The baby projects!

Since my last visit to this blog of ours, there have been some big life changes! The biggest, of course, being the addition of our BOY 9 months ago! There were some projects that were completed before Z joined the party, a couple in the months following, and a couple that are still on the docket.

Goals for 2016....

  • Finish the detaily kitchen things- backsplash, baseboards, back wall, trim etc etc etc. Verdict: There is a stubborn 10% that is resisting completion, but we made some great progress here too, mostly before Z was born. Backsplash, baseboards, and most recently pendant light are up! 
  • Make the yard a great place to hangout when a baby is napping and stuff. And a great place to play when a baby starts running around! Brainstorming is in motion! Verdict: Still very much in process, but we had a huge milestone a couple weeks before Zion was born when my dad and Ruben built the back fence and side gates. They are beautiful! In the early months of newborn sleepyness (and before the first sleep regression!) I put up some fun string lights so that we would be able to use the space more often for evening hangouts. Lately we spread some more woodchips, got some planting areas ready, and started planting!
  • Do some gender-neutral cute-ifying of the former office/future nursery! Verdict: We did this, it's cute enough, it's functional, and most importantly, it is almost pitch black so our baby can s..l....e..e....p
  • Build that closet upstairs, because I'm about to get kicked out of mine! Verdict: DONE! Ruben and his dad completed this amazing project together, and it fits so perfectly under the eaves and frees up Z's closet for his millions of baby clothes and paraphernalia!

  • Keep incubating this sweet little human until August! Verdict: I/we/he overachieved on this goal by 10 days, and it was definitely a success! We love our little man!


Goals for 2017...
  • Make outdoor spaces enjoyable and baby-friendly. I'm actually not sure what "baby friendly" means, so let's just say that improving the grass area is for Z. Expand the patio spot, really cheaply :) and make a functional dining area and lounging area. Move the shed (this is the year!). Plant a couple areas by the fences and along the house to have some color and life. Also, I think my peach tree died. RIP. More fruit trees?
  • Finish that pesky 10% in the kitchen. I think I've decided to just paint the back wall (an unknown color), put some shallow shelves on the left side, and hang something in the middle. So I just have to DO IT.
  • Finish the upstairs bedroom. It needs baseboards of some sort, another outlet so that we don't have wires meandering all over the place, and another reading chair since I poached the original one for the nursery.
  • Maybe maybe maaaaaybe do a little work in the basement to make some sort of rainy day play area. Maybe. If that wasn't clear, it's a BIG maybe.


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