Chaos in the casita!

Upon getting the keys to the casita, we knew there were a couple things we wanted to tackle right away so they would be set to go before we move in. They were: 
removing the carpet from the office, attic, and little hallway
ripping up the linoleum in the kitchen
refinishing the floors
attempting to save replacing the bathtub, that looked something like this 

We knew our new little home needed some serious love, but all this carpet demolition made the thing seem really desperate for attention. So now picture this: the whole house filled with remnants and dust from this disintegrating carpet pad. Awesome.

The bathroom project expanded a bit from replacing the tub to moving a wall and pretty much gutting the thing. We liked the idea of getting the bathroom remodel going before we move in, so that we don't have to live without a bathroom. But eek, we didn't know quite what we were getting ourselves into!

In our one month of home ownership, our biggest lesson has been that one project mysteriously leads to another, and tricks your brain into thinking it'll be easy! Things take lots longer than we expect, leaving us bewildered at how they make things happen so fast on those crazy TV shows. We had it in our heads that we were mini Ty Penningtons and could build things in a minute, but alas, in real life it is not so!


  1. those masks are so seriously intense!

  2. i know right?! i went to home depot and asked for the most intense possible!


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