Succulents: a few of my favorite things

A couple weekends ago Ruben and the boys were doing some work on the house while I was taking a weekend class, and they decided to uproot a sweet little bunch of succulents in one of the front garden beds. How could anyone not love those little babies?! Thankfully, they didn't throw them away, so when I got to the house I came up with just the plan for them.

With just a couple supplies, they became a lovely little wreath!

It's best to pull off most of the dirt and roots from your succulents, and then let them sit out for a couple days so that they form a sort of skin over their exposed roots. It's supposed to make them quicker to get rooted where you plant them. 

When your succulents are good and ready, get your materials together:
sphagnum moss (not to be confused with peat moss that is ground up super fine...almost made that mistake!)
a wire wreath form
chicken wire
wire cutters and a bucket 'o water

Put a good bunch of moss in the water so it becomes a nice and hydrated home for your succulents. Then start getting your chicken wire ready to use. I decided it would be more manageable to work with smaller sections, so I cut my chicken wire into 4" wide strips that I would wrap around my wire form. Now, pack your soggy moss around your wreath form, as you wrap the chicken wire around, section by section. You can always go back and add more moss to beef it up if it looks uneven when you're done. When your wreath is nice and symetrical, plant your succulents by poking a hole with your finger or wire cutters and pushing them in, making sure they are secure. Water whenever the moss dries out, and wait several weeks for your succulents to grow some roots before you hang your wreath. 

Look at these happy little guys! I want those roots to grow nice and strong so I can hang it on our new front door!


  1. lovely! excellent new home for the little guys!

  2. thanks noellita! i hope they like their new home!


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