A milestone

Many moons ago, we began the bathroom journey. Throughout these moons, we have had some milestones, but this one is by far the greatest. It is called No More Dust On My Feet. You see, the bathroom floor has never really been clean, per se. For awhile it was half really gross carpet pad+ cat pee infused hardwood and half peel and stick tiles (also really gross). Then it had drywall dust in every nook and cranny and we couldn't wash our hands without ending up with a layer of dust up to our ankles. Then I decided it would be motivating to peel off all the tiles to get ready for the next step, not realizing that the glue under said tiles is like flypaper. This was a fine moment in the journey, the one where Ruben and I strategically placed pieces of plastic and vinyl samples so that we could cross our bathroom without our feet getting stuck, much like one would cross a river by jumping from rock to rock. So, we worked on our agility by doing that for a few weeks, but now i am pleased to say that in addition to our agility, we have also acquired a completed bathroom floor!
We decided to go with a straightforward vinyl floor for the bathroom-- not cold like tile, the fewest steps to potentially mess up, appropriate for a wet room, and one of our cheapest options. Our friend Google told us that it wasn't quite as simple as  cutting up vinyl and sticking it on the floor. But really, no crazy prep work, just laying some 1/4" supersmooth plywood to make a nice even underlayer. There was some patchworking. And some mis-measuring. And some re-cutting and patchworking. Then some experimental caulking of seams and holes, we'll just have to wait and see how it all holds up!
The actual laying of the vinyl took all of 10 minutes, and involved some exacto-knifing, some taping of edges with super special tape, and then some more careful cutting along the bathtub edge and a final caulking. Success!! 
To truly check off the floor project, we just need to get baseboards in, which will cover up my sometimes jaggedy edges. So close!


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