Movin' on up! Literally

My house dreams have come true, and we're going to move up to the attic, my favorite room in the house!

The attic started a little bit ugly, but with lots of potential.  That's our strong suit--seeing potential. It's nice and big, and sounds so romantic and restful to get away and relax in a reading chair in the attic. So attic restoration began.

The journey from start to progress:
 (Actually, imagine some smelly blue carpet on top of the hardwoods-- that's how it started.) 

Refinishing the floors was a big improvement right off the bat, but then we did nothing else for 8 months. We wanted to keep it light and bright, so after a good amount of drywall patching, lots of caulk and repair, we painted all the blue sections a nice soft white. The still unpainted ceiling looks extra grimy in comparison, but we have other plans for it. Muahahaha!

I love cute sloped ceilings, but these are kindof horrible. There's this weird crosshatched-ish texturing that has been patched a million times, and you can see the lines where the panels are attached to the studs. But replacing the drywall would be so messy and a huge pain, so I'm thinking of a planked ceiling like this. And using plywood cut into strips hypothetically makes it a pretty inexpensive project. At this point, all of this is only theoretical. :)

Now, implementation...


  1. Oh my goodness. This looks FANTASTIC! Good work! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. Thanks! Just that little bit of progress to make it livable is such a good feeling!

    2. You guys are full of good ideas! The best part is . . . you actually carry them out! Love the look!


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