2015 WHAAAT!?

I've been thinking a little bit about this year for the casita and wanting to decide on some realistic goals for 2015 progress. There is quite a bit that we've talked about, like way too much for a year, given our track record for completion time. :) Time to get realistic with those expectations!

Here are my top house hopes for the year:

  • Do a quick-ish update on the ugly hallway/stairs between the kitchen and the garage--paint, add some storage.
  • Completely finish our attic room-- get the last few planks up, hang some pictures, build a closet system, find a couple nightstands.
  • Reupholster the chairs that have been sitting in the basement and make the living room work better for us.
  • Fix up the office--paint, build a better desk setup, curtains, shelves for books.
  • Finish the front porch area--paint the stoop and door, add some plants to the newly stump-ground planting beds.
  • Move the shed in the backyard and make a plan for the space. Plant somethin.

Ruben's house hopes for 2015:

  • Make the garage awesome--warmer, better storage and organization, more electrical outlets.
  • Install a new garage door.
  • Make the office work better for us (we have a goal in common!!!)
  • Build a closet upstairs.
  • Replace back fence.
  • KITCHEN REDO!!!!!! maybe.

I'm excited for this year--my first year in awhile without homework! I've already felt a lot more motivated to get some things done around the house, so hopefully that continues. We will see how far we get on these lists, but it's nice to have something written down so that we can see progress in specific areas rather than be overwhelmed by an all-encompassing list that's a mile long. I get pretty excited about crossing things off my to-do list; combine that with seeing awesome little baby steps in our house journey is motivation for me!


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