Ceilings matter

I wish I had a picture of how narsty the guest room ceiling was before we painted it. But I don't. That's a common problem for me: I forget to take pictures of how things start out. I expect that the image is so burned onto my retinas that I won't be able to forget it ever, but then when the dust settles and things are looking pretty good I forget where we started. 
Oh well. The point is, our guest room got a fresh coat of paint on walls and ceiling before all of our holiday visitors arrived, has new baseboards, and is looking more put together than ever! Progress!

The ceiling paint we used looks pink until it dries, which makes it easy to see where you've missed a spot, and actually made me seriously consider pink as a legitimate ceiling color!

The original color wasn't the absolute worst, but it had holes and crumbling plaster all over the place and the window sills and ceiling were real bad, so we decided to do some repair work and freshen it up with a lighter color. The room feels so much bigger and airier now! 

Such an inviting place to work on sewing projects! Oh and for guests... 


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