The relax-with-tea room

Sometimes a pregnant gal, or anybody, just needs a nice sunny spot to enjoy some tea, think about life, journal, pray. The kitchen table used to be my place, but, currently, sitting in chairs for very long isn't the most comfortable, so I have found my new place to recline and be cozy in the living room! 
Lovely sunlight.

The living room has gone through some transitions in the time we've lived here, with some furniture and lack-of-furniture, paint transitions, floor rescue, little things here and there, and most recently opening up a big hole in the wall to the kitchen. Now, a journey through time in pictures...

The living room when we bought the house and ripped out the bathroom (dust everywhere!)
Newly refinished floors! And not much else.
Dad came to the rescue and made the falling-apart wall beautiful!
After a couple little changes to the fireplace/mantle area
The chairs that I (finally!) reupholstered last summer.
It's come a long way since closing day! Newly opened-up pass through to the kitchen
And a little peek into the nursery :)


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