Floors, glorious floors!

Let me start by saying how thankful we are for all of the generous help that we gladly received on our massive floor refinishing project. Seriously, we couldn't have done it without all of you!

Why, you may ask, would we take on such a massive first project as refinishing some seriously worse for wear hardwoods? Because we're crazy. Actually, that's probably a factor. We decided it was definitely worth our time and effort to save a lot of dinero, because if we would have hired it out it would have cost at the very least 4 times the $, and probably much more due to the sad state of the original floors. And, we got to help friends do the same thing to their new house a couple months ago, so we knew what was involved and that the result is in fact beautiful and totally worth the hard work!

The floors all started out seriously scratched up and cat-peed on, and they had that dark reddish stain that made the house look pretty dark and old. We sanded it down to bare wood and sealed it with a clear sealer, which lets the natural wood patterns really stand out. And, because I'm crazy about before and after pics, here is a set from every space we worked on!

Living room: 

Dining room:

Kitchen and hallway (these were linoleumed, so after peeling of the first layer, the next step was to sand through the layer of old glue that was on top of the wood. crazy town!)

Our bedroom:



This floor transformation turned out to be our very favorite, so here are a couple close ups for your enjoyment :)

Meanwhile, the bathroom looks like this...


  1. WOW! I love the upstairs so much!! They look amazing.

  2. Thanks Jessi! Ruben likes it so much that he's almost convinced that we should move up there :)

  3. The attic looks SO good! Can't wait to see it all in person.

  4. can't wait to see the next moved-in update pics. miss you guys!!


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