Ode to mah man.

Ok, my husband is really awesome. In lots and lots of ways, but today I would like to highlight his crazy hard work on making our home functional. As in, getting us working appliances. He defended my honor at the rude refurbished appliance store, and then he picked up our new appliances so that we wouldn't have to wait another 2 days to get some clean laundry. 

Then, he spent all dang afternoon and evening hooking them up, updating corroded water lines, crazy outdated dryer outlets with a flashlight, and going back and forth to home depot a frustrating amount of times so that he could put it all together for us. 

And he keeps doing things like that! Even when he's tired from work, and has allergies, and would rather be soaking up some vitamin D. I am so blessed to have a husband who shows me he loves me by serving me like that! Thank you Jesus! And thank you Ruben!


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