We live here!

We're coming up on 2 weeks of officially living in our casita, but somehow it's starting to feel more and more like we've always been here. We are learning the sounds that our house makes, seeing more of its quirks and character, and starting to feel very much at home. 

We also love our neighborhood, and being able to walk to the grocery store, some yummy food carts, and just stroll around and meet neighbors. Our neighbors have been a huge blessing to us in the way they have welcomed us and helped us start to get home ownership figured out. They've come over to chat, help us do yardwork, lent us equipment, and yesterday our sweet next door neighbors brought dinner over for us after they saw us out working in the yard. So blessed!

"Moving in" is happening slowly but surely, I think I'm intentionally moving slowly because the bathroom projects are still creating lots of dust, and less stuff out on shelves and walls=less things to gather dust! Here's what the main level looks like, 2 weeks in...

I love the morning light in the dining nook.

Yes, my bike is in the living room. You see, the garage door is probably original with the house, and impossible to open alone, so when I got home from work today, there it stayed :)
Looking forward to getting the fireplace up and running this winter

We love our makeshift office! Ruben is so happy to have his own desk!

If this was a different angle, you would see our creative blackout curtains to block out the early morning sun. Some real window treatments are definitely in order!
Favorite part of the kitchen: pot rack given to us by darling Meg, and the colorful cozy rug

We have 3 great hydrangea plants blooming in the front so I'm hydrangea-nating everything nowadays!


  1. Dude! Katrina and Ruben you guys are so cool and inspiring. Thanks for blogging about this adventure, it is seriously getting me and Kellie excited for homeownership (although I'm still a bit nervous). Keep it up guys. Love you both a bunch and hope to visit one day :)


    1. Thanks Andy! Are you guys doing the house hunting thing now? It's definitely an exciting and fun endeavor, but lots of work!

  2. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like it. i love it!

    1. You were one of the reasons that I decided i should take pics of actually living here! So glad you like/love it!!!

  3. I want to comment on every photo! Ahhh! Looking great! Come on bathroom!!! Haha. Love the kitch!

    1. I keep saying that too...come ON bathroom!! Thanks noellita!


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