House diaries

Dear house,
You are crazy and full of unexpected hiccups and hidden problems! We thought we were sooo smart and savvy to get you at such a deal, but you didn't warn us that you would take up so much of our time and spend our money like it's yours. If you were a puppy, I would scold you and make you go to the backyard for being so sneaky. If you were a kid, I would put you in time out. But unfortunately, there's no time out when the bathroom is still deconstructed! House, you're lucky you're so cute and we really like you, because you sure are frustrating sometimes. You make Ruben angrily eat leftover pies from the fridge and you make me want to build a cardboard box house in the yard and call it good. Hopefully when you read this note it will mark a turning point in our relationship. If you could just make our projects go more smoothly that would be great. We're hoping for rainbows and fields of daisies, does that sound do-able? 


  1. love this! you crack me up. i hope your home improvements start looking up! miss you guys so much! wish we were neighbors!!

    1. i miss you too muff! come be my neighbor and help me whip this bathroom crazyness into shape! :)


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