Layers of history

I love living in a house with some history. It's so cool that in 1952, the year this house was built, Singin' in the Rain came out, the polio vaccine was invented, and Queen Elizabeth II became queen. That is old. So it has been such a fun thing to uncovers these little bits of history that the house is hiding, like the 4 layers of wallpaper in the dining room (which we didn't actually remove, except for in places where they were already peeling up), random calendar business card from 1963(!!), not one but TWO pieces of orange-ish carpet that at some point lived in the house, an old fishing weight (I think) from some previous fisherman owner, and a pog (remember those?) that totally brings me back to my 90's childhood. 
When we moved in, we found an easel and painting out in the shed from a creative resident at some point, and I found photographic evidence that there was a boyscout living here too. And I have a feeling that's just the beginning! We haven't even started cleaning out the little storage crawlspace off the attic, and that is chock full o' crazy!
Seriously, now. Time has passed. Who knows what else this house has hidden in 61 years?!


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