We've got progress!

...slower than we were expecting, but progress nonetheless! And it just reinforces lesson #1 of homeownership: projects always take longer than you expect! 

We had big goals for our first month in the house, ran into a few hiccups, and got a little farther along this steep learning curve. :) The most noteworthy progress to date has been thanks to good old dad! Mom and Dad visited us over the 4th, and my dad's goal for the week was to help us with house projects. So we painted the living and dining rooms! We prepped, and prepped, and spackled, and sanded, and prepped, and TSPed, and primed, and painted and painted and painted. And it turned out super lovely! We went from having some crazy Tuscan-esque falling apart layers of wallpaper to a smooth wall of "moonshine" wonderfulness! Thanks so much dad! Here's what we've got now

compared with how it looked before
Another big push for the first month was getting the bathroom moving towards functionality. You may remember seeing that our bathroom looked like this when we moved in:
Well now, wouldn't you believe it, the bathroom looks like this:
Wait, you don't notice a difference?! That must be because cosmetically there isn't a dang thing changed. But there are lots of very important details that happened and make it much closer to a functional room! The new doorway is framed, electricity is moved around to the right places, and plumbing is done. That means we don't have to haul our shower caddies to friends' houses anymore and we can bathe. in. our. home. Such a blessing! Also, because the bathroom is so very unfinished, it has my favorite little picture of contrast between original and progress. It's this little piece of the floor, where you can see the dramatic difference between the floors before we finished them and how they look now.
 I tend to forget how crazytown the house looked when we bought it, but this bit of floor reminds me that we've actually made some progress in the short time we've been here, and I am reminded to be thankful for all of it. The "rustic" bathroom, the weird things that we keep discovering that cause us to shake our fists at whoever built them that way, our wonderful neighborhood, my husband who works so hard to make this house our home, God who made the whole crazy eleventh-hour house purchase happen and let us start this wonderful adventure...
And to be honest, the rustic look is really growing on me. I love barns, and even wanted us to get married in a barn, so it's a really lovely thing to look up from my bath through the rafters and feel like I'm in a barn. Next on the list, tile that baby so we can shower!


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