Angles and more angles

Here's what we (mostly Ruben) have been doing lately. Baseboards! Look at this glorious specimen of beauty. All those crazy angles! So thankful to friend and baseboard sensai Ben for his help and expertise! 
 After seeing the before and afters, I am convinced that baseboards are magical. Who would have that that a little piece of wood could transform the feel of a room from construction zone to finished living space. I guess putting away the tools and supplies piled in every corner could help too. :)
Because of all the layers of old wallpaper and the extra huge gap between the wall and floor boards, it was naaasty, and a magnet for dust and gross things. Things would somehow make their way into the gap, multiply the nastiness, and then emerge right after I swept the floors. 
I am so happy that the gap is now closed for business! I have lots of caulking and painting to do now, but already it has made such a difference!


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