Better than a Snuggie

I think curtains are the greatest, and every time I get them up I wonder why I didn't do it months ago. I had that exact thought when I finally created and installed the roman shades that I have been mentally planning probably since we moved into the house. 

Let me share a little-known fact about my husband. Ruben is really into light-blocking. Like, really into it. If it were up to him, we would have gone to home depot on day one and bought the most light-blockingest contraptions possible and put them on every window in the house. But I want beautiful and creative things, so he is gracious and waits patiently while I brainstorm and then sit on ideas for months while other things like writing papers take up my time. But he has to satisfy his vampire tendencies, so he covers windows with whatever is on hand, usually blankets. In some cases, he branches out and uses less traditional means, like the Snuggie that is currently blocking our neighbors' view into my "dressing room" (my clothes live in the office closet, so I'm nekkid in there at least twice a day--window coverings are important in this case, I agree). 
So as you can see, we are extremely classy people in our choices of window coverings. There was really no need to go all crazy and replace the blanket curtains in the attic, but I did it anyway. I actually used our shower curtain, plus a light blocking liner (you're welcome, Count Dracula), and some odds and ends from the fabric store and home depot. (I followed this tutorial pretty closely, and it's very good). I still need to do a few finishing touches, like trimming the metal bar on the bottom, but even with a metal spike sticking out the side, it's still an improvement!


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