Because of how we moved the doorway when we expanded the bathroom, there is this funny little nook that has been housing our laundry basket all these months, but other than that has been looking a little forlorn and empty. No longer! I finally executed my plan to put in some functional shelves to hold some bathroom necessities. They are held up by rope, because again I had sticker shock when I started looking around for non-ugly shelf brackets. Hardware is expensive yo! So a package of rope for a couple bucks fit the bill. We won't be putting bricks on it, but for towels and other light-ish things, it does the job!
It was an easy process. First I put up a $1 roll of contact paper, for fun. It happened to be exactly the width of the space, so that was super lucky.Then I cut my board to fit and drilled holes in the corners. The hardest part was probably jamming the rope through the holes and then attempting to make it all level. I would finish one shelf and then the first knots I tied would streeetch and make everything wonky. :)
Now the extra toilet paper will always be in sight!


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    1. thanks! and your birchbox drawer has a place of honor-- the official holder of the lady products ;)

    2. Love this organization! Happy early Easter friend and thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    3. cheers to the lady products!

  2. What a great idea! It adds just the right amount of fun and character to a "secret" space... love it!

  3. Just found your blog from apartment therapy and we have the same weird hallway/doorway between our kitchen and hall bath. I would love to see any before and after of moving the doorway and closing up the space! I've been trying to imagine how it could work for years! And your home is beautiful! Very inspiring!

    1. I wish I had taken more pictures of that process! I'll see what I can find, or maybe just draw a little floorplan diagram so you can see the change more clearly.


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